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Interiors, landscaping, and other pretties in your simmies' surroundings

the old house/home of the Farkles (first time posting)
like art
Hallo. I've been sort of out of the sims for a couple of years, mostly due to the fact that my computer refused to run the game, but I've got a shiny new computer now and I've fired up the game and remembered how much I love building and decorating. Any who, I thought I'd share my work here. This house is an old house -- based on an actual historical home -- I wanted it to look kind of old and a little wild as far as landscaping goes.
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Small house I'd love to live in
My first post here ^^

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Making little townhouses for my little city thing.
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I just found some pictures on my photobucket I never uploaded. :P
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First, I built a house I had been dreaming about based on this one here. I thought it was a gorgeous layout. I tried to keep the colors the same and stuff but I ended up branching off and doing my own thing for some of it. It's not finished but I'm kind of excited about it.
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LOVE those big bedrooms!!

I worked on some new apartment lots I'll be shrinking and hooking up.
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Tropical Getaway
xposted to my LJ

Just a bedroom and bathroom so far...I like the idea of a private bungalow on a private beach...making bathrooms like this one possible lol.

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Just some room from my main house
No one else seems to be posting, so I figured I'd post a few pics of one of my houses. It's one of the default homes that come with TS2, and I've had sims living in it for years, so there are some bits and pieces of sim habitation lying around. The house is also in a semi-constant state of redecoration, so I'm just showing the rooms that are (for now) 'finished'.  Anyway, on to the images...

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hopefully this will get the ball rolling a little. once i have members.


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